About Edwin Derks


     Edwin Derks

Edwin Derks is a Software Architect from Ordina JTech in the Netherlands, sharing his passion and knowledge about the Java ecosystem and cloud driven development in general. He is often busy sharing knowledge at schools, meetups and conferences. His career started in 2007 as a Java developer after graduating at Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven, NL. He stayed at the company where he did his graduation project, first developing a Java Swing GUI for financial middleware. After that he also developed financial middleware with Java EE and acted as a service desk lead. In the meantime he focussed on certification and growing his passion for software architecture. In 2015 he started as a consultant at Ordina JTech in order to explore a larger variety of projects. In this position, he developed applications for Rabobank in the area of insurances and mortgages before being dispatched as a Solutions Architect and Enterprise Architect at Malmberg. In these latter positions, he has lead development teams to deliver digital educational content for the Dutch educational system. Curently, he is active as a Lead Developer / Solution Architect contracted by the BMW Group, building mobility software at Alphabet International GmbH.

Next to developing software projects, he is also active as a conference speaker and article writer. In his spare time he likes visiting concerts, doing fitness and is a member contributing to the Eclipse MicroProfile and Jakarta EE communities.