Transitioning Java EE to the Jakarta EE namespace

A few days ago, the Eclipse Foundation has announced on their blog that the Java brand is no longer allowed in future versions of the Jakarta EE platform. That means that Oracle allows Jakarta EE to use the Java EE related code and artificats as-is, until a modification occurs on these items from where they must be rebranded to the Jakarta EE brand. Knowing the situation of Oracle moving away from Java EE while keeping the brand’s name and logo, this really didn’t come as a surprise to me. Actually, I think it was a job well done by both the negotiators from Eclipse and Oracle to get this out of the negotiatons.

What did surprise me, is mostly the reactions to this on Twitter. Several people were against this, sharing their disagreement, even have called it a ‘debacle’. I have only seen few people like me that were relevied that a decision was made in the first place, and take it up from there. In my personal opinion, this situation was inevitable and would surface at some moment in time, which apparently was at moment of the blog post’s announcement. Am I really the only one who was not surprised?

In any case, from my point of view, what does it mean for me as a Jakarta EE transitioning developer? It means roughly that I (maybe among other changes) will have to change my Maven artifact's names to the Jakarta branded versions, and change the imports of my Java code to the jakarta.* namespace. The Jakarta framework will at that time probably be in some hybrid situation, supporting both Java EE and Jakarta EE specifications. Of course: this is not going to be an ideal situation. But remember that Jakarta EE is going to be compatible with Java EE 8 for a while. Performing the transition during this period should have the least impact.

This is a hurdle that I, and my fellow developers alike, will have to overcome. Simple because that’s the decision that has been made, and we have to live with that. But if you look at the big picture, is this transition actually such an interesting phenomenon? I don’t think so, because after the transition, Jakarta EE will fall completely in line with any other Java based enterprise development framework which is also not allowed to use the Java brand in their own code and brand. Jakarta EE will therefore become a self-maturing framework that happens to run on Java, and suffer the same evolutionary consequenses of that language like any other Java-based framework.

So please, dear Jakarta EE community, unite and embrance this transition. Let’s pick up the glove and make this thing happen. We have work to do…