Building Microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile @ EclipseCon 2019

This year’s EclipseCon was my second time visiting, and simultaneously speaking at this conference. Aside from all the amazing projects that are active within the Eclipse Foundation, this year’s edition contained a long anticipated present: the release of Jakarta EE 8. Reason enough for me and two colleagues to provide a workshop where attendees could actually get hands-on with Jakarta EE 8 and it’s microservices-enabling cousin: Eclipse MicroProfile.

This workshop focusses not only on the various API’s that are provided by Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, but also on development with the Payara application server and how this all fits in a containerised environment.

The slides of the workshop can be found here:

Of course, we hope to evolve this workshop in order to get hands on with new Jakarta EE and MicroProfile features in the near future. Stay tuned!