Jakarta EE: A Weapon of Mass Development

We live in an era of building enterprise software in agile teams, using build pipelines, containerization and clouds in order to provide business value to the latest standards. Applying these concepts, it can’t be denied that there is more to building software than writing code and deploying it on an application server.

There are several additional concepts to adopt in order to test the software, release it in production and make it scalable. In my experience, a lot of factors can delay the time to market of new features because they cause overhead in time, maintenance and resources.

In order to maintain the quality of your software and fast delivery, you can optimize the development process, release strategy and deployment of enterprise software with tools and concepts that complement each other.

I will provide insights in how to apply these optimizations that revolve around a particular key component: the Jakarta EE platform. The audience will learn why this specific platform is such a valuable asset in the arsenal of tools for developing enterprise software.


2019-04-26 JEEConf – Kiev, UA