A fishing day with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Over the years, several implementations of the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile platforms have been developed by vendors. Some implementations are fully compatible with these platforms, others support a subset of specifications from the platforms, or are building on top of these. Implementations are often built as an open-source project and shipped by a vendor as … Lees meer

Building Microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Jakarta EE is the successor to the established Java EE platform. What does this actually mean, what are the differences and how does Jakarta EE compare to similar frameworks like Spring? Even more important, can Jakarta EE be a fit for your projects, even if scalability is a requirement? There are certainly possibilities for you … Lees meer

The Power of the Application Server

Presently, there is a battle of frameworks going on that compete for being the best “rightsizing” framework, tailored for building and running microservices as efficiently as possible. However, there is an older, yet proven concept available to run enterprise applications, that doesn’t apply the concept of rightsizing. On the contrary, it provides access to the … Lees meer

Transitioning Java EE to the Jakarta EE namespace

A few days ago, the Eclipse Foundation has announced on their blog that the Java brand is no longer allowed in future versions of the Jakarta EE platform. That means that Oracle allows Jakarta EE to use the Java EE related code and artificats as-is, until a modification occurs on these items from where they … Lees meer

Payara Server or Payara Micro?

Payara is a Java EE 8 / Jakarata EE 8 compliant application server, also implementing MicroProfile. Next to the traditional Payara Server, the company also provides you with the option of running your enterprise applications with Payara Micro. Since both editions of Payara can run your Jakarta EE based enterprise applications, which edition should you … Lees meer

To BOM or not to BOM

Maven let’s you define the artifacts that you want to include in your Java based project. Whether you want to include the artifcts in your own build artifacts, or just want to have them available to compile against, you can decide what is applicable for your situation. In a Java EE / Jakarta EE / … Lees meer